Social Anxiety Therapy East London

Social anxiety is a common anxiety disorder, causing people to feel an overwhelming and persistent fear of social situations and everyday activities. At Catalyst Therapy, we know just how much social anxiety can impact your life and relationships, and how difficult it can seem to move forward in a positive way. Our experienced therapists have the knowledge and experience as both mental health practitioners and educators to help you overcome your social anxiety in a positive, long lasting way.


The symptoms of social anxiety disorder

There are a number of symptoms of social anxiety disorder that affect both teenagers and adults, including:


  • Dreading everyday activities (including Eating or drinking with others, shopping, talking to authority figures, meeting strangers, working, speaking on the telephone)
  • Low self-esteem and insecurity in relationships
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Fear of being criticised


Children may also exhibit signs they suffer from social anxiety disorder, such as a high level of crying or tantrums, as well as freezing. They may be scared to go to school, and taking part in school performances and classroom activities.


People with social anxiety disorder may find their fear of social situations leads them to experience a panic attack, feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and apprehension for a few minutes at a time. Panic attacks are sometimes accompanied by feelings of nausea, heart palpitations and trembling. Whilst panic attacks can leave you feeling unsettled and alarmed, they cause no physical damage.


What causes social anxiety disorder?

Like most other mental health conditions, social anxiety disorder is thought to result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. It’s thought that parental behaviour influences the development of social anxiety order, with anxious or worried parents having an effect on how you handle anxiety later in life. People with social anxiety order regularly describe their parents as:


  • Not affectionate enough
  • Overprotective
  • Overly critical
  • Over-emphasising the importance of grooming and good manners
  • Exaggerating the dangers of strangers


Our social anxiety disorder therapy in Havering is designed to help you overcome your fear and anxiety, preparing you to enjoy social interactions and make the most of your life. For more information on our social anxiety therapy in Havering, call us on 01708 781 927 or email